Professional Services




Professional Consultation regarding Artist career choices including performance concept, defining an onstage image, act structure, material selection, development of stage persona and presence, plus determination of market audience.

Performance Coaching

Individual Performance Coaching and Professional Consultation including material selection, performance pacing, interpretation and phrasing, stage presentation, promotion and personal evaluation is available to performing artists and groups by appointment.


Conceptual Development

Mutual development taking a project concept from idea to fruition using all available creative resources to mount an act, concert presentation, theatrical production or special event.


Special Material

The creation of personal and/or specialized musical material specifically designed to an artist’s or show’s stage presentation. This includes parodies and original music or lyrics to achieve the desired effect within a production or individual act.


Musical Direction

Direction for musical shows and theatrical presentations are available to producers and production companies regionally and nationally. Services include working with arrangers and librettists, plus rehearsing lead and supporting talent.


Artist Promotion

Through our partner Aloha Bob, we can manage and fulfill the promotional tools any artist may require: graphic design, logos, candid and publicity photos, videos, posters, business cards, postcards and other printed materials, in addition to digital promotion with social media, website design and hosting.


Audition Preparation

Designed for the young actor to develop and enhance their vocal skills for live performance musical auditions. Students will learn the importance of selecting the proper material and develop their presentation skills while gaining confidence in the auditioning process by being prepared for differing audition situations.